Minor Surgery and General Practice

What are some of the minor surgical procedures performed at Apex Health & Wellness?

A minor surgical procedure typically includes any procedure that can be safely performed in an outpatient setting, without the use of general anesthesia or the need for respiratory assistance. Apex Health & Wellness performs such procedures in a safe, sterile environment, using a local anesthetic delivered by either an injection or a topical cream.
Although the types of procedures vary by location, some of the more common minor surgery procedures performed by providers include:
Removal of foreign objects from superficial wounds, ears, superficial eye, ear, or nose, (or vaginal)
Stitching and/or removal of stitches for wounds and lacerations
Incision & drainage
Other simple procedures (contact Apex Health & Wellness or specific details on the types of procedures provided)
How long do minor surgical procedures take?
Most minor surgical procedures performed at Apex Health & Wellness are completed within minutes once it has been set up. The length of time required depends on the type of procedure performed. Expect to spend about 15 to 30 minutes for most, or up to an hour for more complicated minor procedures after being checked in and placed in a room.  For an estimated length of time, contact your local Apex Health & Wellness for details.
Do minor surgeries require anesthesia?
Minor surgeries are surgeries performed without general anesthesia or respiratory assistance. Most will be performed using an injected anesthetic or topical cream anesthetic applied to the site of the procedure.
Who performs minor surgical procedures?
 Apex Health & Wellness performs minor surgical procedures on-site at most locations during normal clinic hours. Your minor surgical procedure will be completed by a qualified Apex Health & Wellness medical doctor.

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